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At the most fundamental level; life and death. Should disaster strike when you are alone, or far from help, I train you to respond and to respond effectively. My primary goal as a survival instructor is this; to train you to serve as your own first responder.

As a former wildland firefighter, I've received letters of recommendation from every Captain/Superintendent I have ever served under.

As a survival instructor, I've received letters of appreciation from every branch of the United States military, as well as several law enforcement agencies. I demand excellence from myself and those around me, and I've never been afraid to push my limits.

I take a real-world approach to my survival training, and I am widely recognized as both a pioneer and leader in my field. I do not offer survival themed experiences, I offer professional survival, medical, and tactical skills training. I believe this has been a primary driver of my success. I've been featured on major news networks and television shows across the globe, from the United States, to the UK, to Japan. I've offered advisory, fixer, and site safety services to a wide range of media/entertainment agencies. 

Certifications held throughout my career
  • Fireline Squad Leader

  • EMT

  • Swift Water Rescue Technician

  • Helitack/Helicopter Rappeler

  • High & Low Angle Technical Ropes Rescue (OPS)

  • Confined Space Rescue Entry/Attendant

  • Search & Rescue Technician III

  • Instructor Certifier: BLS (Basic Life Support/CPR for the professional rescuer)

  • Instructor Certifier: Advanced Bleeding Control

  • Instructor Certifier: Emergency Oxygen Administration

  • Instructor Certifier: Wilderness First Aid

  • Firefighter 1 Academy Graduate

  • Air Base Radio Operator (ABRO)

  • TOLC: Take off & Landing Coordinator (firefighting helicopter air bases)

Thomas Coyne teaching the Marines of the Mountain Warfare Training Center
Thomas Coyne training with US Navy VX-31 Helicopter Rescue and Kern County H-408
My Alumni Includes
  • The USMC Mountain Warfare Center Survival & Sniper Instructors

  • US Navy EOD & Helicopter Rescue

  • US Air Force EOD

  • US Army Aviation (Ft Rucker)

  • The US Department of Defense 

  • The LAPD EMT cadre

  • California Department of Justice

  • Palm Springs Sheriff Dept.

  • Meta/Facebook security division

  • Los Angeles County Parks Rangers

  • Riverside County Parks Rangers

  • Stanford University Vaden Health Center

  • I arranged the first interagency training between Kern County Fire Department and the US Navy (helicopter rescue), whose response areas overlap

  •  I've provided professional consulting services to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department on a high-profile case

  • The Discovery Channel

  • The Tokyo Broadcasting Company

  • CNN

  • Craftsman Tools

  • Several Branches of the YPO

Thomas Coyne teaching land navigation to the soldiers of the California State Guard
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