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Thomas Coyne
-Survival Instructor-

Founder of Survival Training School of California & Coyne Survival Schools

About Me

I am a former Helitack Firefighter and professional rescuer who has worked at the highest levels in my field. I have served as a member of the rescue team for two space shuttle launches, as a fireline squad leader, and Fireline EMT. I have served as a member of initial attack crews of some of the nation's largest wildfires.


Since launching my survival school I have provided survival/medical training to; The US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, the LAPD, the California Department of Justice, Stanford University's Vaden Health Center Leadership Staff, and more. I take a real-world approach to forming my courses and curriculum, which truly prepares students to perform. I am known as a "teacher's teacher" for my formatting and client rapport


300+            6              4  

Soldiers Trained                   Law Enforcement Agencies          Branches of the U.S. Military

Every branch of the US military has publicly acknowledged the value of the training they Have received from me.

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